BLCO Sellers in Nigeria

BLCO Best Sellers in Nigeria

AluminumNow Oil Services specializes in Nigerian Light Crude Oil/Bonny light crude oil (BLCO). The term BLCO is basically a broker term for what is in reality a variant of Nigerian Light Crude Oil (NLCO). When a buyer purchases BLCO they are actually getting a blend of Nigerian Light Crude Oil and they have to pay attention to the API to make sure it meets the crude oil buyer’s requirement.

Bonny Light/Nigerian Light crude oil is considered to be one of the best light crude oil products available because it is easy to refine. With all of that said, the issue a crude oil buyer faces with purchasing BLCO/NLCO is finding a genuine supplier that can actually deliver the product to the full term of a contract.

Buying crude oil from Nigeria is relatively straight forward. The crude oil buyer can buy crude oil from a reliable crude oil seller (mostly a company with an allocation from the NNPC) or a crude oil broker (a company who brokers on behalf of a company with allocation from the NNPC) from the off-OPEC market.

Find a seller in the Nigerian Light Crude Oil/Bonny light crude oil market is quite simple when you are dealing with a company like AluminumNow Oil Services that has extensive experience in this industry. It is our purpose to assist buyers to work with genuine sellers directly and cut the exposure of brokers to an absolute minimum.

The foundation of our growth strategy is the energy and expertise of our employees, who are committed to working with integrity and engaging our stakeholders. We’re proud of our strong track record of safe, reliable and environmentally responsible energy development. Our vision, mission, strategy and the cultural beliefs that guide us are in this interactive, online publication.

Our company is in tune with the policies and ambitions of the Nigerian Government, NNPC and its Joint Venture Partners towards the attainment of indigenous involvement in Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria. We strive to establish the maximum degree of Nigerian content practicable without compromising operational efficiency and technical integrity.

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